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We are currently accepting participants for the Healthy Loser $5,000 Weight Loss Contest. Each contest runs for 13 weeks. You will use your own weight loss strategies and methods for the healthy weight loss contest to lose weight fast. After final weigh in verification, the person or persons who reach 15% or higher will be declared the winners of the Cash prizes they qualify for.

Weight Loss Contest Timeline and Weigh-in Submission

Contestants may now begin weigh-in at any time that is convenient for them and must complete final weigh-in on or before their 91 day end date. Contestants can use the weight loss calculator to determine their BMI and body percentage weight loss if goal weight is met. Weigh-in must be submitted before midnight of your deadline date. Once contestants complete weigh-out they must wait for the remaining contestants of their group to go past deadline date before scores are tallied and winning payments are made.

Weight Loss Contest Weigh-in Options

Contestants can send in a video using the criteria found in the “VIDEO WEIGH IN” page. Contestants from US and Canada can alternately be witnessed by a local medical doctor or registered nurse by using the form which can be downloaded on the Dr. Weigh-in page. (Dr. Weigh-in option only available to US and Canada). Click on the sign-up tab to access the two weigh-in options.

Age, Fee and Number of Participants for each weight loss contest

Weight loss contests are capped at 300 participants and contestants are grouped together in order of registration. All contestants are required to be 18 years or older unless they have consent from Parent or Legal Guardian. A  fee of $100 is required to register for participation in the weight loss contest. Chances of winning the $5,000 grand prize are 1 in 300.

Our personal goal is to help you lose weight fast and achieve the weight loss goals you have set for yourself through financial incentive. Contestants are required to have their picture taken at both weigh-ins. Read the Complete Competition Process here. The top ten contestants agree to allow Healthy Loser to use their before and after photo’s, videos, and stories for future contestants and for future weight loss challenge promotions and advertising.

Procedure for Weight Loss Contest Winners

Prize winners must submit success story which includes their strategy for the benefit of previous and future weight loss challengers. This must be received within 3 weeks of contest close.  Healthy Loser Inc. reserves the right to withhold contestant prize payout until success story has been submitted. Contestants must wear shorts and tee-shirt to both weigh ins. No shoes, hats or extra clothing allowed unless permission has been given by HL. If a contestant has a valid reason for an exception to this rule, they must wear similar clothing at the end weigh-in. Verification of winners and Prize payout will be paid within 30 days of weight loss contest close.

There will be 5 Cash Prizes. All participants who lose at least 15% of their body weight will win Cash. Cash Payout will be as follows:

1st Place: $5,000 cash- This prize will be given to the single person who loses the highest percent of body weight in each group of 300.

2nd Place: $4,000 Cash – All participants who lose 25% or more of their body weight, except top contestant, will share the 2nd Place group prize of $4,000 Cash. The money will be split evenly and paid to all those who land in this 2nd place category, except Grand Prize Winner.  If you are the only contestant who places in the  2nd Place Category, not counting the Grand Prize Winner, you will receive the entire $4,000 Cash.

3rd Place: $2000 Cash-  All participants who lose between 20% and 24.99% of their body weight will share the 3rd Place prize of $2,000 Cash.   The money will be split evenly and paid to all those who land in this 3rd place category.  If you are the only contestant who places in the  3rd Place Category, you will receive the entire $2,000 Cash.

4th Place: $1000 Cash-  All participants who lose between 15% and 19.99% of their body weight will share the 4th Place prize of $1,000 Cash. The money will be split evenly and paid to all those who land in this 4th place category. If you are the only contestant who places in the 4th Place Category, you will receive the entire $1,000 Cash.

5th Place: “$300″ Random Draw” All participants who complete final weigh-in for  $5,000 contest will be entered into a random $300 draw, regardless of how much weight you lose. (This also includes participants who have already won a cash prize.)

Exception to the rule: “No participant will win more money than a participant with higher score.” In the event that a lower score has a bigger payout, the payout will be adjusted to match the upper category. In other words, if 3rd place has a higher payout than 2nd place category, the extra winnings will be moved up to make the upper payout even with the lower category. This exception does not apply to the $300 random draw.

All entries , regardless of weigh in method will be combined, in order of registration, into groups of 300 maximum with the Prize payout same as described above with $12,300 total payout per group. A new weight loss contest will start each time a group of 300 completes beginning weigh-in. Weigh-ins can start anytime at the convenience of the contestants. Each contestant must complete final weigh-in, on or before midnight of the 91st day of their challenge. (Your end date will always be on the same day of the week. For example: if you started on a Tuesday you will end on a Tuesday.) Final weigh ins completed after the 91 day end date will not be accepted.

Again, our mission is to provide incentive for everyone to lose weight fast and achieve their personal weight loss goals and this is the main purpose of  the Healthy Loser Weight loss Contest Terms & Conditions     


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