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Healthy Loser was originally founded by David Chatwin (above) in Cranbrook BC Canada. Healthy Loser Inc. operates worldwide through community partnerships, fundraising initiatives, co-branding and referral programs. There is no cost, no cash handling and no administration required. The process is simple and straight forward. HealthyLoser Inc. is North America’s #1 Community weight loss competition promoting an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Consumer Alert: – Obesity rates have tripled!

World leading academics discovered cash rewards enhance the success of  fast weight loss strategies and the Journal of the American Medical Association (“JAMA”) found those who have a financial incentive to lose weight fast were almost five times more likely to reach their target. Healthy Loser has adapted this knowledge by offering cash incentives. Everyone has heard of the Biggest Loser who screens through thousands of potential contestants. Healthy Loser allows everyone to be a contestant. Healthy Loser Weight Loss Competition is focused on saving lives one pound at a time both at home and abroad donating $10.00 from every signup to those in need. Community partners can opt in and add $5.00 donation. Individuals, families, communities, organizations…everyone wins together.




The Healthy Loser $5000 Weight Loss Challenge


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Today HealthyLoser Inc. offers new contestants an opportunity to lose weight fast and earn money in more ways than one. New contestants are given an opportunity to partner up by walking and promoting the “$5,000 Weight Loss Challenge” throughout their community. With every sign up they too receive $20.00 each and every time someone in their community joins while getting healthy at the same time. 

Today Healthy Loser Inc. consists of  an experienced team of executives working closely with global partners. The sky is the limit when it comes to serving others and helping them serve others. Please join HealthyLoser Inc. Today. HealthyLoser Inc. model is aligned with government health mandates, weight loss companies and fundraising initiatives.

 Today, we’re all focused on the same thing…serving families, our communities and mitigating risk!

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