Success Story – Healthy Loser weight loss challenge really works

I used to visit this site and read weight loss success stories, never believing a single one of them. And then, one day, I enrolled in the Healthy Loser quick weight loss competition, just to prove that this contest does not work. I sent my video weigh-in. To make sure I was fair, I stuck to the diet and exercise plan I had created for myself. As I kept at it, I started enjoying it.

I started looking forward to crossing off days on the calendar on my desk. I did my own research on Internet and found that weight loss challenges with cash incentive really worked! That was a great motivation. After that time passed quickly and I was upon the 91st day. I weighed out. The fact that it worked for me too came as a pleasant surprise when I won the challenge and the $5000 reward. I must thank Healthy Loser for helping me achieve my target weight fast.

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