Reach Your Target Weight In 6 Easy Steps

Many people ask us for the formula for weight loss. Is it a rapid weight loss diet? Is it weight training to build lean muscle? Is there a secret recipe? Healthy Loser weight loss challenge recommends sticking to whatever your weight loss plan is. Whether it is a quick weight loss diet or jogging in the park every day, staying on course matters more than anything else. Our experts share 5 easy-to-follow tips to help you reach your weight loss target faster.

Enroll in a contest that pays monetary rewards

Weight Loss Contest

Research shows that cash incentives are a huge motivation for weight loss. People have not only lost great amounts of excess weight rapidly with weight loss challenges that pay cash, but also stayed fit thereafter. Healthy Loser is a 91-day weight loss contest that offers $5000 to a person who loses the maximum percentage of body weight out of 300 participants. Whether we talk of weight loss for men or weight loss of women, those dollars keep you going.

Set a target weight for yourself

Weight Yourself

A target too big or too small may have a counter effect on your motivation. Instead of setting goals that are too high, decide on a target weight that is slightly challenging yet realistic for you. Put it on a calendar. Healthy Loser quick weight loss challenge gives you 91 days to reach your target weight. Break the goal into smaller goals and individual timelines. Breaking up a big target into smaller is easier for the mind to accept and act upon.

Learn from the Japanese

Japanese Food

The Japanese live longer and healthier than anyone else on Earth and have the lowest obesity rates. The secret is their diet. Known to be the best fast weight loss diet, the Japanese mainly eat fish, soy, vegetables and fruit. They eat smaller portions and breakfast is the biggest meal of the day. Consider eating in smaller plates. Replace meat with fish and eat lots of greens. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast since morning is when your metabolism is at its best.

Drink the elixir of life

Drinking Water

Water is the most underrated drink. This miracle drink is sugar-free, caffeine-free and calorie-free. Water is great for metabolism and keeps hunger pangs at bay. Drinking sufficient water also ensures you do not mistake thirst for hunger. Set timers to remind yourself to drink water. Try adding slices lemon and mint leaves to make it a great replacement for flavored beverages.

Eat food the way it is


Eat whole foods instead of extracts. Replace juices with whole fruits and refined flour with whole grain. It boosts metabolism and adds healthy fiber to your diet. Add fresh fruit, green vegetables, nutritious nuts and natural foods to your daily diet. Try cooking methods that do not overcook your food such as sautéing and pan-grilling instead of frying.



Exercise regularly, even if it is for 30 minutes. Find an exercise buddy. You will keep each other motivated enough not to skip your fitness routine.

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