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HL5 Linh Huynh: From Healthy Loser to the Ironman Triathlon to the Antarctic (Updates from a former winner of the weight loss comnpetition, Linh Huynh Oct. 3, 2011)

Weight Loss Competition,Previous Winner, Linh Huynh

Hello everyone, I guess the biggest question on your minds is: Did she manage to keep the weight off? Being fit and healthy changes your outlook on life completely.  My life has changed so much since winning the Healthy Loser contest in December 2010. I used the money to pay for my bicycle that I needed to compete in Ironman.  The bike was about $4,000 so the prize money really helped!  Being fit has also given me the power and the inner strength to attempt and accomplish things that I previously thought impossible. On August 28 of this year, I did manage to complete Ironman; it was my first triathlon ever!  Some people thought I was crazy, but the people who were close to me knew that I was taking on the world with a new sense of passion and intensity. Next, will be my greatest challenge yet.  I will be among about 30 runners in the world to run a marathon in Antarctica on November 30.  That’s right.  ANTARCTICA!  There are 3 Canadians running this year and I’m the only female.  I am only the 2nd female from Canada to ever take part in this event and the first ever Calgarian to attempt this feat. CBC has asked that I write a weekly blog about how I am preparing for the event. I couldn’t be any more grateful to David Chatwin(the founder of Weight loss Competition) for putting on the first Healthy Loser competition in Calgary.   It certainly was the tipping point for my life and after winning I’ve experienced a string of similarly fortunate events. I strongly believe that when we experience good fortune in life, we should pay it forward.  That is why I’ve decided to run this marathon as a fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation. I humbly ask that you support this event and join me in helping make a child’s wish come true.  I also encourage you to live your life with strength, purpose and passion. Thank you for taking the time to read the prolonged success of Linh Huynh, a former Weight Loss Competition winner.



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