Get Paid To Lose Weight – The Healthy Loser $5000 Weight Loss Challenge

Get paid to lose weight !

Get Paid To Lose Weight

Get Paid To Lose Weight with The Healthy Loser $5000 Weight Loss Challenge. $12,000 total payout per contest!

The Healthy Loser Weight Loss Contest has been going strong for the last three years and growing! Our Facebook Fan Page is on fire! We’re one of the most popular weight loss contests on Facebook.  The Healthy Loser $5000 Weight Loss Challenge has steadily grown from fan support and word of mouth in person and throughout the net.

Our contest is easy. Purchase an entry in the Weight Loss Challenge. Contests run for 13 weeks. Contestant that loses the most weight percentage within the contest time limit wins $5000 cash. Contestants that lose 15% or higher share in the additional $7,000 payout per contest. Entry fee is $100 CAD.

Here’s a little better break down per 300 contestants:

1st Place – $5,000 cash goes to a single person who loses the highest % of body weight.
2nd Place – $4,000 – Lose 25% or higher to share the $4,000 payout.
3rd Place – $2,000 – Lose 20% to 24.99% to share the $2,000 payout.
4th place – $1,000 – Lose 15% to 19.99% to share the $1,000 payout.
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Message from the founder:


Over 2/3 of the population in my Country are over weight or obese. Obesity is claiming lives and seriously diminishing the quality of many lives. Everyone in this world is affected by this epidemic directly or through loved ones.

Ten years ago I found myself caught up in this weight gaining epidemic. I am 5’6″ and weighed almost 250 lbs. I knew what the dangers of this weight were and my Dr. warned me of my cholesterol issues and what would happen to me if I didn’t make changes.  I tried for  years going from one weight loss program to another trying to find what would work for me. I some how lacked the incentive even though my health should be priceless. WHAT MORE INCENTIVE COULD I NEED?

Finally, someone gave me a helping hand and created the incentive I needed which is to simply get paid to lose weight. I am forever grateful and have made it my life’s mission to recreate this incentive for as many as I can to repay the debt I owe. It worked for me and will work for you. Join thousands who have taken control through a simple yet effective strategy. Get paid to lose weight.

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