$5,000 Weight Loss Competition Winner Guillermo Resendiz

  • By David Chatwin
  • 13 February, 2014
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$5,000 Weight Loss Competition Winner Guillermo Resendiz

Congratulations Guillermo Resendiz Winner of $5,000 weight loss challenge, March 2011. One day I was searching on-line for a method to lose weight and I found the Healthy Loser site, this contest changed my lifeand I am glad that I found this contest and I’m very greatful and thankful to the Healthy loser team that helped all the way through with their emails providing us support and methods to lose weigh fast!I find motivation in challenges and oh boy I found one. At the end I was in the best shape of my life. I went from being overweight and unhappy to having a lot of energy and feeling really good about myself!

If you are serious about losing weight this is it! It changed my life and it will change yours too!!

My strategy

The first week I started was really hard and I was not able to workout for four days.
I now run 8 miles everyday, 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.
I eat fish, vegetables, and protein shakes.
I believe it is very important to set up a space just for working out without having any distractions.
No tortilla, sodas, bread, only water fish and green stuff.                                                                                              Guillermo Resendiz
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$5,000 Weight Loss Competition Winner Guillermo Resendiz

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